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New account

2010-09-25 21:11:10 by happinesskills

I've made a new account.



2009-08-08 20:57:56 by happinesskills

Ok, I want all of you lot to go to & do things. Radio/Video is my new project.

Here's what to do:
- Sign up for the forums
- Subscribe to the feed
- Vote on Podcast Alley
- & anything else you find.

New project

2009-05-08 06:36:08 by happinesskills

Alright, I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy with things.

I have a few new projects in the making.
- A podcast called "State of Great Happiness".
- I have learnt HTML, CSS & can build custom WordPress themes (If anyone's interested?)
- Gathering up $918 so I can get a HP TouchSmart tx2z.

It doesn't seem like much, but when you tie that up with Year 9 of high school, it soon becomes a lot.

brand new site

2009-02-20 02:29:13 by happinesskills

I've gots me a new site

It's got a ChatBox, a MyBB forum & not much else.

Brand new site

2009-01-11 00:11:05 by happinesskills

I've just finished my new site.

I've got a chatbox, a MyBB forum, so enjoy those.

New Project

2008-12-17 21:44:34 by happinesskills

I have decided to make a full-length movie. Now I know I've only submitted 1 thing to newgrounds, but I have done extensive (a lot of) work on editing my characters, researching stuff, testing my edited characters, scripting, & more. I currently have a large gallery (about 300 or so) of pre-made graphics, & sounds so that when I start making the actual movie, I won't have to postpone it until I make the required graphics.

On my computer I have a decent amount of programs, but 1 really good one is DVD Shrink. It decrypts DVD's (it removes the copy protection) so that I can either convert them to iPod videos, or I can put onto a DVD. I don't give a stuff if it's illegal, but I'm not distributing the DVD's I've burned, so no one can arrest me.

I am looking for anyone who can draw people realistically. To show you what I find realistic, here's M_Man's newgrounds site. If you think you can draw people realistically, please notify me.

Adobe Flash CS4

2008-12-05 18:17:17 by happinesskills

I recently downloaded Adobe Flash CS4 & am rather liking it. I got the trial & with a few easy modifications I got it activated & lisenced FOR FREE!! And after a few more modifications I got set up how I had Adobe Flash CS3. I really like the 3D transformation tools, they're really useful.

I am planning to make a full-length movie in flash. All I need is realistic people, then I can use the Bones tool & start animating them. They will look COMPLETELY different to the ones I have used previously. I want them to look kinda like m_man's (here's his site & the one on newgrounds).

If anyone else has a place where I can learn how to draw real people, that would be great.

Waltz with Bashir

2008-11-09 05:15:26 by happinesskills

here's something I was put on to by Lazymuffin. It's an Israeli thing that was made in Flash & some other 3D program.

I went on to its site (located here) & I found out that it has taken 4 years to make, & after trying to find out what the 3D program was, I found out that there's only about 40 people that made it. I am VERY interested in it, but it doesn't come out till christmas (I wish I had of known that BEFORE I started looking for places to download it). I'll just have to wait till then. It'll be a christmas present! (kind of).

Here's the trailer for it:

/* */
I like it. Do you?

Much better

2008-11-08 03:27:59 by happinesskills

My new animation (again, it is a school project) is MUCH, MUCH better than my first animation. It is for a thing at school where we have to pick an issue (I picked 'Deaths in Military') & try to change people's views on the issue.

This took me about 2 days to complete, & I am once again surprised that I managed to script the whole thing. I didn't work with my friend Tim, so this is all me, & there's nothing completely stupid in it (like flashy colors) that are his idea.

I thank Phill collins, because I recorded the music from his Resident Evil Demo thing he did.

A couple of changes

2008-10-31 20:04:18 by happinesskills

Hi. I'm still doing my new animation, I haven't actually started animating yet because I'm gathering what I need & after I've done that I'll start animating. I've decided not to use the south-park-esque characters that Phill Collins uses & instead use the people I used in my gun violence film, I have made a few changes to them-
- gave them eyes
- gave them shoes

as for the military animation
- gave them desert camouflage (more sandy colored than normal camo)
- gave 1 a beanie
- made 1 bald
- gave them a utilities belt

I am currently at a kind of 'stand-still' because I need to get a few images & I'm almost at my internet limit, but I get another 6 Gig on the 3rd, so thats only 3 days (I'll live). stay tuned for more updates on this topic.