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Waltz with Bashir

2008-11-09 05:15:26 by happinesskills

here's something I was put on to by Lazymuffin. It's an Israeli thing that was made in Flash & some other 3D program.

I went on to its site (located here) & I found out that it has taken 4 years to make, & after trying to find out what the 3D program was, I found out that there's only about 40 people that made it. I am VERY interested in it, but it doesn't come out till christmas (I wish I had of known that BEFORE I started looking for places to download it). I'll just have to wait till then. It'll be a christmas present! (kind of).

Here's the trailer for it:

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I like it. Do you?


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2008-11-27 04:30:57

looks great, my next series will be close to this;)