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2008-12-17 21:44:34 by happinesskills

I have decided to make a full-length movie. Now I know I've only submitted 1 thing to newgrounds, but I have done extensive (a lot of) work on editing my characters, researching stuff, testing my edited characters, scripting, & more. I currently have a large gallery (about 300 or so) of pre-made graphics, & sounds so that when I start making the actual movie, I won't have to postpone it until I make the required graphics.

On my computer I have a decent amount of programs, but 1 really good one is DVD Shrink. It decrypts DVD's (it removes the copy protection) so that I can either convert them to iPod videos, or I can put onto a DVD. I don't give a stuff if it's illegal, but I'm not distributing the DVD's I've burned, so no one can arrest me.

I am looking for anyone who can draw people realistically. To show you what I find realistic, here's M_Man's newgrounds site. If you think you can draw people realistically, please notify me.


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