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Adobe Flash CS4

2008-12-05 18:17:17 by happinesskills

I recently downloaded Adobe Flash CS4 & am rather liking it. I got the trial & with a few easy modifications I got it activated & lisenced FOR FREE!! And after a few more modifications I got set up how I had Adobe Flash CS3. I really like the 3D transformation tools, they're really useful.

I am planning to make a full-length movie in flash. All I need is realistic people, then I can use the Bones tool & start animating them. They will look COMPLETELY different to the ones I have used previously. I want them to look kinda like m_man's (here's his site & the one on newgrounds).

If anyone else has a place where I can learn how to draw real people, that would be great.


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2008-12-05 18:50:40

how did you activate and license it for free?!? also flash cs4 is great i wish i could get it but it cost $700 and i cant aford it.

happinesskills responds:

I edited my "Hosts" file, & then got a keygen (a nice one for ALL Adobe CS4 products. Plus it had no viruses) & entered the serial from the keygen into flash, & all has been nice.

Here's where I THINK I got the keygen - ils/3511107/Keygen+Adobe+All+Prod ucts.html
& This where the "Hosts" file is located - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
& add this to the end of it -

NOTE: I THINK that is where I got the keygen, I'm not sure.

What the "hosts" file change does is make flash think that Adobe has validated your serial.

Hope this helps!


2008-12-15 17:17:54

take a picture and use it as a referance, it helps

happinesskills responds:

Take a picture of what?